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From skating the Nullarbor to walking five kilometres with their dog, every day people stand up in our community and try to make a difference by supporting charities and causes close to their hearts.

Since 2007, Everyday Hero has been helping these people, thousands of them in fact, to raise over $100 million online for not-for-profits in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Singapore. 

Everyday Heroes are the causes in our communities that gather us and drive us to action to create better outcomes, better communities, better people living better lives. This website is a community of "messengers" like you, who relay and advance causes to create positive change. 

Getting started with Everyday Hero is easy. Just build an online Supporter page. You can then start using it to inspire others with a story about why you are supporting Kids with Cancer Foundation, post updates, images and videos, tell your social networks and ask others to help you make a real difference... 

You can ask anyone to help you by simply sharing the link to your page, through which they can easily sponsor you (and Kids with Cancer Foundation) and leave a message of encouragement. And don't worry - all donations are processed by Everyday Hero and passed on to us. 

If you need assistance with your fundraising page, give them a call on 1300 798 768 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It's as easy as logging onto the 'Everyday Hero' website http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/kwcfundraising and creating your very own fundraising page.

  • By creating your own personalised fundraising page with your own photo or video you can tell your story about why you are trying to raise funds for kids with cancer.

  • It's hassle free as collecting promised money or issuing receipts is all handled by Everyday Hero.  Tax deductible receipts are issued immediately by email and the money donated is paid directly into our Gift Account.

  • Your online fundraising on behalf of the kids allows you to email people all over the world to show them what you are doing, why and when you ask for support for the kids, experience shows that 30% of people you email will donate to your fundraising, so the more emails you send to your friends the more funds you will raise for the kids.  Challenge your friends to help you to raise funds for kids with cancer.

  • Every time someone donates you will receive an email telling you so you can say thanks, unless they chose to remain anonymous.

  • Your personalised fundraising page allows your friends who donate to leave a message for you on the page, so it can be read by all and create lots of fun for all concerned as they challenge you to do even more.

Other fundraising opportunities:

Birthdays,  http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/kwcbirthday/

Celebrations, Weddings, Anniversaries etc,   http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/kwccelebration

In memoriam,   http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/kwcmemoriam

All of the above can be done in lieu of gifts or flowers if you choose, just email your friends and ask them to make an online donation to your personal fundraising page set up to direct funds to help Kids with Cancer Foundation to cure our kids.

Our Gift Account:

Once a donation is received in our 'Gift Account' (an Australian Tax Office requirement for donations) it goes wholly to family assistance & children's hospital's cancer wards.  No management fees or costs are deducted from our Gift Account i.e. 100% is passed on.  We work hard 7 days a week without any major sponsors running our own lotteries selling $2 tickets to raise the $15+million in profit that we have passed on to children's hospitals and families. 

These lotteries/art unions/raffles that we run all year round bear all the costs (wages, postage, printing, phone etc.) associated with running the Foundation.  When you choose a charity to benefit from your donations always ask how much of your donation gets passed to the to the designated charity, always ask.

You can support our hard working fundraisers:

Help them to achieve their goals, follow the link to their fundraising page and challenge your friends to match your donation.

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