Michael Trench

Michael Trench's fundraiser Cancer Kids Pilgrimage

Michael TrenchMichael pictured with Peter Bodman

Combining his love of walking with a passion for adventure Mike decided to walk solo from Canterbury in England through France and over the Great St Bernard pass in Switzerland down to Rome in Italy. This ~2000km walk traces the original “via Francigena” pilgrim’s route that dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. 

Mike walked unaccompanied armed only with a backpack, navigational aids (compass, maps etc) and electronic gear required to record his trip via a blog and photos. Accommodation and meals were wherever and whatever Mike found along the way. He hoped not have to resort to using his tent and his limited cooking skills too regularly :-) 

Mike pledged for every dollar donated to his fundraiser he will donate $2.00 himself. Mike's fundraiser has given an amazing $70,000 to the kids.

Thanks Mike you're an amazing man and a Hero to the kids.


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