We at Kids with Cancer Foundation realise there is an enormous amount of stress placed on parents when their young child is undergoing cancer treatment. We understand the difficulty that some parents may have in getting some time to themselves.  The opportunity of being able to switch off and spend a little time together to recoup is very rare, yet it is so important.  Parents may need a night or two away (but not too far) time in a comfortable city hotel, and a meal on us and maybe a movie if there's time.

We are able to provide such support to parents.




Siblings are often overlooked when so much attention is given to the child in a hospital bed.  A Gift Voucher for the family to a nearby Theme Park from us can help those siblings have some fun once more.

luna park

Health care professionals, social workers, family members or friends can nominate a family to take advantage of the respite that we can offer.  Any nomination should come with a short explanation of the family's situation explaining how a Kids with Cancer respite voucher would benefit the family.  We will need any application to access our respite vouchers to come with a recommendation from the families social worker.

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