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Who we are


Who are we

The Foundation is a non profit Public Benevolent Institution (PBI), a status originally granted by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and now the 'Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission' (ACNC).  For reporting reasons and to save confusion between similar sounding names all Australian charities are required to have an individual ABN, ours is 99 095 779 114.  PBI's that once reported to ASIC are now required to report annually to ACNC.  Our charitable status can be checked online:

http://www.acnc.gov.au/RN52B75Q?ID=8F26B3BA-584B-4866-BD3F-7FC6B9E9774A&noleft=1 Or as a PDF: Open PDF

Charitable status of all Australian charities can be checked at: 


As a children's cancer foundation we don’t door-knock.  We are not & have never used ‘Appco’ or any of Appco’s associated companies as commercial traders on our behalf, and we never will. 

When you call our 1800 255 522 free call number, you speak directly with us and your donation goes directly to our Gift Account and remains untouched without any management fees and is passed on 100% to struggling families of kids with cancer all over Australia. 

The only way to ensure your entire donation is passed on to help the youngest of cancer sufferers is to call us directly.  No other children’s cancer foundation can make such a claim.


 As a cancer foundation Kids with Cancer Foundation (Australia) Limited, is a PBI an incorporated public company limited by guarantee, a non-profit charitable entity.

The ATO describes a Public Benevolent Institution as follows:

  • A Public Benevolent Institution is an institution established and carried on for the relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, destitution or helplessness, and

  • A Public Benevolent Institution makes its services available without discrimination to every member of the public which the organisation aims to benefit, and

  • A Public Benevolent Institution is administered for the public good without purpose of private gain, and

  • A Public Benevolent Institution provides direct relief for the benefit of a disadvantaged section of the public

Kids with Cancer Foundation received Australian Tax Office 'Deductible Gift Recipient' status (DGR) from the beginning and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.  The Foundation as a Public Benevolent Institution is also endorsed by the ATO as an income exempt charitable organisation. 

We are a small independent children's charity/cancer foundation.  We have no affiliation with any single children's hospital quite the reverse, as we have donated to eight separate hospitals so far and are keen to challenge ourselves to do much more for kids with a brain tumor, leukemia and all other cancers.  We receive no Government assistance and have no corporate sponsors, the funds we raise come from our own efforts.  We raise the majority of our funds, by conducting continuous, successful lotteries (art unions/ raffles) 7 days a week all year round. We have marketed our $2 tickets through shopping centres in NSW, the ACT and  in Victoria, and it's the profits from these lotteries that we are able to pass on to benefit the children. 



 As a children's cancer foundation we have been granted 'Founder' status of 'The Children's Hospital at Westmead'.  'We are an original Inductee into Sydney Children's Hospital's 'Hall of Champions (their highest level of supporters) and at Monash Children's Hospital in Victoria we are the 'Founding Patron' of the 'Children's Cancer Centre', which was built and fitted out entirely with our donation to Monash Children's (Southern Health) of $1.157million and forms part of the Victorian Government's Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service (PICS)

Other hospitals to receive our funding:

  • Over $1.8million to Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital.

  • John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle.

  • The Royal Children's Hospital Brisbane.

  • The Mater Children's Hospital Brisbane.

  • Alice Springs Hospital.

Hospitals where we have helped families with financial assistance:

  • Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

  • Canberra Hospital

  • Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Perth.


Kids with Cancer Foundation commenced in December 1997  with the aim to provide funding for: childhood cancer sufferers, their families and other institutions that assist children with cancer. 

Over the nineteen years, we have provided over $22.4 million to 10 Australian children's hospitals and families to date (February 2018)

Through the social workers in our children's hospitals we provide financial assistance to the families of children with brain tumors, leukemia and all childhood cancers.  We have in the past paid for small things like car repairs and rental accommodation for country based families and larger amounts such as, funeral expenses for families who have lost a child to cancer.  Through the requests of paediatric oncologists in these hospitals we provide assistance directly to the hospitals, improving the care of young cancer sufferers. 

Donations and Bequests that go into our Gift Account are separate and once received (unlike most charities) have no management fees deducted. Funds from our Gift Account are able to be passed on 100% to family assistance.  Canteen, Starlight, Camp Quality & Make A Wish Foundation all do great work but we are different and independant from all others. 

All our running expenses such as prizes, rents, wages, etc. are borne by the lotteries.  Many families who have a child with cancer will need to up-root the family and move to the city to be close to the hospital that is caring for the child.  Sometimes one or both parents may need to give up their job temporarily to be at their child's side during treatment.  The strain on a family member needing to go to work every day knowing their child is in a cancer ward is sometimes overwhelming. 

On average a family is personally $20,000 out of pocket due to their child falling ill with leukemia or other cancers and the only way the family unit can remain together is through financial assistance.  As we are Kids with Cancer Foundation we only care for the littlest of children from new born babies to pre teens, we leave the adult and teenage care up to the many wonderful adult cancer charities.  When you make a donation to Kids with Cancer Foundation if you want you can select where you would like your donation to go:

  • Family assistance, payment of bills etc.

  • A child's funeral

  • A children's hospital's oncology ward in your area



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