Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Charity?

The Foundation is a non profit Public Benevolent Institution (PBI), a status originally granted by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and now the 'Australian Charities & Not-For-Profits Commission' (ACNC).  For reporting reasons and to save confusion between similar sounding names all Australian charities are required to have an individual ABN, ours is 99 095 779 114.  PBI's that once reported to ASIC are now required to report annually to ACNC.

Do you door knock?

As a children's cancer foundation we don’t door-knock.  We are not & have never used ‘Appco’ or any of Appco’s associated companies as commercial traders on our behalf, and we never will. When you call our 1800 255 522 free call number, you speak directly with us and your donation goes directly to our Gift Account and remains untouched without any management fees and is passed on 100% to struggling families of kids with cancer all over Australia.  

How long has Kids with Cancer Foundation been in operation?

Kids with Cancer Foundation commenced in December 1997  with the aim to provide funding for: childhood cancer sufferers, their families and other institutions that assist children with cancer.

How much have you raised?

Over the nineteen years, we have provided over $22.4 million to 10 Australian children's hospitals and families to date (February 2018)

What kind of event can I organise?

Some event ideas are below, however the sky is the limit! 

Hair Shave, Morning Tea, office casual Fridays, BBQs, market stalls, birthdays, fun runs, boat cruises, formal balls, girls nights out, cycling, hikes, school canteens, chocolate drive, bingo nights, band sessions, corporate conventions, pizza nights, clothing store new season release, sky dive, teen fashion show, iron man challenges, picnics, rugby head-to-head matches, group car cruises, music CD sales, busking, garage sale, weddings, photography sales, book sales. 


What portion of the funds I raise go to the cause? 

We guarantee that 100%of all donations given direct to the foundation go in their entirety to the cause itself. If you use any third party sites such as Everyday Hero or PayPal, they will take a portion of any donation for their own administrative costs (Everyday Hero from 6.5%and PayPal from 1%from each donation). Once the net amount is passed on to K..WCF 100% of the net amount will go in its entirety to the cause.

 Can you come to my event and accept a cheque? 

Whilst all efforts are made to attend all events held by our Supporters, Kids with Cancer Foundation can not have representation at every event held in its name. Please discuss this with the KWCF team. 


I want someone famous/corporate sponsorship at my event. 

Whilst we try to assist with publicity, we do encourage you to arrange any corporate sponsorship or support independently.  As a suggestion, always get in touch with your local businesses (eg; supermarkets, local council member, hardware stores, take-away shop, newspapers, radio stations) to promote your event. Also promote your event by using flyers, and word-of-mouth. You may also like to try social media such as Facebook or Twitter however we do ask that you adhere to the 

individual sites' procedures on promoting events.


May I use the kwcf logo to promote my event? 

We do request that to use the KWCF logo you fill in the Fundraising Application Form


I can't afford/don't have time to arrange an event. Is there another way to help?

There are other ways to bring awareness of what we do. A few options are below: 

a) you can place a note at the end of your email signature stating "I proudly support the work of Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia”' and add our Facebook link or website next to it. This is called 'no cost support'. 
b) you can ask a local business to have a Donation Tin on their counter-top so their customers can place any spare change in to it. Please contact the office on 1800 255 522 if you would like to do this. 
c) Bumper Stickers with our logo are available for purchase at $11 each. Please contact the office on 1800255522 if you would like to make a purchase.


May I visit a children's hospital in conjunction to my event?

Visits to Children's Hospitals are at the discretion of the hospital itself. You may like to make a visit to an Oncology Ward in your own time. We ask that you contact your nearest Children's Hospital to arrange a visit. Most visits can only be arranged on weekdays. 


My event will cost money. How will I be reimbursed? 

Some event organisers donate all monies raised, a portion of their profits or all of their profits, depending on their costs. Please outline your intentions when filling in the Fundraising Application Form or contact the office on 1800255 522 to discuss the options in more detail. 


I would like the funds raised at my event to go to a specific state/hospital program. Is this possible?

We are unable to guarantee that funds you've raised at your event will go to the state where they were raised, or to a specific program (eg: research, music program, wigs, social work etc) however we do guarantee that any money donated to our Gift Fund go in their entirety to Children's Hospitals or family financial assistance Australia-wide.


Do you have merchandise I can sell at my event?

We do not distribute merchandise to be sold at events. The items we provide for events are more so for promotional purposes only. Depending on your event, we may be able to sell small items (eg: bookmarks) which you may like to sell at a small fee, hand out or place in to your own promotional items such as show bags.


Can I sell your raffle tickets at my event? 

Tickets to the KWCF $80,000 "Winner's Choice" Art Unions must only be sold by KWCF Should anyone at your event like to purchase tickets, they must contact the office on 1800 255 522.


Is my event covered by your public liability insurance? 

Events organised on KWCFs behalf must have their own Public Liability Insurance (PLI) arranged prior to the event taking place. Some venues do not require PLI, but it is always best to check this with the venue organiser before confirming your event.


I'd like to have a fundraising page online. Can this be done?

Yes! Everyday Hero is a fundraising website where you may create your own event page (known as a Heropage), add photos and write blogs on your event or inform your supporters of your progress. Your Heropage link can be sent to your family and friends who may donate an amount of their choice using a credit/debit card. Donations may also be made by cheque or cash but will be added to the total tally as an 'Offiine' donation. You will be able to set a target that you wish to achieve and each donation given to your event will go towards this. To create a Heropage please use the below links: 

It's My Birthday: 


 In Memoriam: 

General fundraising:

 Not sure if your event requires a Heropage? Please contact the office on 1800255522 or log on to


NOTE: Everyday Hero will charge a minimum of 6.5% for processing any donation you receive on your Heropage. The net amount is then forwarded on to Kids with Cancer Foundation, to which 100%of the net goes directly to the cause.


 How do I donate cash funds to you? 

 If you've received cash funds for your event you can deposit them straight in to our Gift Fund where 100% goes directly to the cause.

 If you have an Everyday Hero account and you've used the above fundraising links, you will also be able to add these funds to your Heropage target as an 'offiine' donation.