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Funding of Help Cure Incurable Cancers
Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick
October 2012
Funding site:
Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick
Funding position/s:
2 x Clinical Research Associates

Funding overview:

The Kids Cancer Centre Clinical Research Unit participates in a broad range of Phase I, Phase II and Phase III Clinical Trials ensuring they are at the frontline of international paediatric oncology clinical research. This allows our patients to receive state of the art medical treatment and provides access to innovative and effective new treatment regimens. In order to facilitate this access to such a broad range of clinical trials for children with cancer the Clinical Trials Team collaborates with several national and international collaborative trial groups and pharmaceutical companies.

In recent times the unit has also been able to expand its scope and has initiated an early phase clinical trials program. This translational program allows us to develop clinical trials locally to test new treatments for children in whom conventional treatment has failed. All of this important research work would not be possible without the generous funding support received from KWCF which supports the salaries of two Clinical Research Associates (CRAs).

Impact of Kids with Cancer Foundation Support:

Our clinical research program and clinical trials activity relies almost entirely on community funding. The funding from 'Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia' provides the unit with the opportunity to employ much needed research staff essential for performing the day to day duties associated with the management of clinical trials. Our centre currently has 24 open clinical trials allowing access to a broad range of state-of-the-art treatments for our patient population. A further 17 trials have been submitted for approval to our ethics committee. Our expertise in trials has been recognized by international groups, and collaborations established with international consortiums including the North American based Children’s Oncology Group, New Advances in Neuroblastoma, and Therapuetic Advances in Childhood Leukemia, the European groups SIOPEN, SIOPEL, and ITCC, and the Australian based ACCT and ANZCHOG. Support of the KWCF facilitated further enhancements in research and clinical activity, including the development of a translational research program. The expanded program currently has two locally developed investigator-initiated trials enrolling patients from paediatric hospitals from all over Australia, with some more trials in the development pipeline.

One such trial currently in development will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of using a novel treatment regimen for patients with relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma. Dr David Ziegler will co-chair the trial which has been developed in collaboration with researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the Children’s Cancer Institute, Australia, the trial will be co-ordinated by the NANT co-operative group, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, and open at Sydney Children’s Hospital and leading paediatric oncology centres across North America.

These translational trials provide access to treatments that would otherwise be unavailable to the children with all types of cancers that are treated at the centre, particularly for those children who have not responded to standard conventional treatments.

Future Plans:

The KCC Clinical Trials unit aims to continue to develop and grow its research activities over the next 12 months, which of course would not be possible without the generous support of community funding and grant monies.

A number of key strategies have been implemented in order to achieve our goals. The first such strategy will be the continued growth of our translational research program through current and future local investigator-initiated trials as mentioned above.

A second key strategy for the unit is to further build on its Phase III trials program by continued collaboration with international trials groups. Key to achieving this will be the attainment of full membership of the Children’s Oncology Group, the largest paediatric oncology research organisation worldwide. Full membership of COG will provide our patients continued access to the most promising treatments for cancer and allow the KCC to contribute to the continual improvement of cancer therapies available for children. These enhanced cancer therapies offer greater benefit with less toxicity, reducing the burden of childhood cancer for the young sufferers, their families and the community.

Overall the KCC, through medical research aims to seek out new treatments for incurable cancers and to improve on current treatments, none of which would be possible without continued community support.

Helen Mueller
Help Cure Incurable Cancers Research Program
Kids Cancer Centre
Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick
October 2012

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