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Sydney Children's Hospital, Behavioural Sciences Researcher

Work over the past years has been directed towards generating a vigorous and dynamic research programme in all aspects of psychosocial support and functioning of the child and family with cancer and chronic haematological disorders. The following key research areas have been identified:
  1. Reducing the stress and suffering which is caused by the delivery of cancer care to the children and their families, especially for rural families separated by cancer treatment - over 50% of the children treated in the Centre for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders come from outside the Sydney metropolitan area.
  2. Bereavement outcomes and follow-up in parents whose children have died
  3. Cancer survivorship and long-term adjustment issues for families
  4. Processes of communication and coping in the treatment span. This is a diverse set of topics ranging from staff-family communications about disease, treatments and symptom management (including use of complementary and alternative medicines), through to personal resource variables of family members (both negative and positive, and potentially including cultural diversity).
As well, this position will directly supervise all areas of activity associated with projects in the Behavioural Science and Psychosocial Research Programme. It will conduct research in psychological and social issues relating to cancer in children and adolescents, for children treated by the Centre for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders.
The Behavioural Sciences Researcher will interact with other staff of the Centre for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders. This will be in the form of either consultancy and planning role in specific research teams within the Centre, or developing and conducting research projects of their own. Research projects may be in collaboration with other relevant national and international teams. The position will be responsible for the following: supervision of research staff and senior and junior levels; supervision of post-graduate students (annual minimum of one PhD and two masters); designing research projects; writing submissions to ethics and funding committees; analysing statistical and textural data; authorship of peer-reviewed papers and conference presentations; and supervision of under-graduate student placements. The Senior Scientific Officer may also provide consultancy, as appropriate, on statistical, computing and scientific methods in behavioural and psychosocial research, to other members of the CCCBD. 


The Behavioural Sciences Unit has developed a new service, "Recapture Life" which aims to support young people and their families in the first 12 months after finishing cancer treatment. Recapture Life is involves six, weekly, group-based sessions that are delivered using internet-based videoconferencing (like SkypeTM). Recapture Life will provide young people with a place to discuss some of their experiences in the first year off-treatment, and discuss ways to cope with some of the challenges that can come up. This new intervention is currently being evaluated against both a peer-support control group, and a waitlist control, in a national, multisite, randomised controlled trial involving 11 sites across 5 states in Australia. This study will help us determine what kind of psychosocial support is the most useful for young people who have recently finished cancer treatment. We hope to use this information to ensure that the next generation of young people with cancer are supported the best way possible after cancer treatment
This position is incredibly valuable within CCC&BD and we are very grateful for Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia's ongoing support for this role. http://www.behaviouralsciencesunit.org/recapture-life.html

We urge you to consider the children in a hospital near you.  Please donate, post cheques to: Kids with Cancer Foundation, PO Box 135 Westmead NSW 2145 or for credit cards: free-call any donations to 1800 255522, and we guarantee that 100% of these donations will be passed to families, or use this Donate now button or at the top of the page.
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