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Oncology Fellow Westmead

Kids with Cancer Foundation has provided in excess of $1.5million
to support the oncology fellow position since 1998. 

Having an Oncology Fellow means that patients receive a greater standard of care and expertise.

The Oncology unit at Westmead, provides advanced training for young paediatricians in the field of childhood cancer treatment and research, by way of an externally funded Oncology Fellowship for 12 months, extendable to 24 months by negotiation. This is an invaluable source of training for the Fellow as it exposes the Fellow to a broad spectrum of childhood cancers and their management under the supervision of the departments consultants and provides excellent opportunities for the Oncology Fellow to develop his or her competency as a young specialist.

The Oncology Fellow supervises three medical house staff and is responsible for the day to day medical care of all the departments in-patients, and assists in the day to day management of the out-patients in the Oncology Treatment Centre, involving close liaison with medical house staff, nursing staff and especially families. 
Oncology is a very specialised area and without this position, the patients would be looked after by hospital registrars who rotate departments every 3 months.
Having an Oncology Fellow means that patients receive a greater standard of care and expertise through:
(1) Continuity of Care - the Oncology Fellow gets to know the patients and their families, building trust with them because the child is cared for by the same doctor throughout the course of their treatment and
(2) The Oncology Fellow passes on their knowledge to junior medical staff and oncology nursing staff and is involved in clinical research. 

The Oncology Fellow is indispensable in the care of  children with cancer. 

The Kids with Cancer Foundation’s support of the Cancer Fellowship program provides the opportunity for an aspiring young doctor to develop the necessary skill set and experience to practice in paediatric oncology. The Cancer Centre for Children provides the necessary environment and supervision for individuals to undertake a comprehensive training program. Our Centre (Westmead) has provided the necessary training for young doctors in the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Brazil and Singapore.

The current Fellow, Dr Sumanth Nagabushan, has a special interest in Paediatric Haematology-Oncology and is working with the Cancer Centre for Children on a full time basis.  As a critical member of our team, Dr Nagabushan has been able to learn from experts with exceptional knowledge while gaining skills in delivering a world class standard of treatment and care.  Sumanth has been able to access and deliver frontline protocols, work with an internationally renowned team, imparting exceptional standards of care whilst being part of cross-continental collaborative trials and participate in world class research.

This learning opportunity and overall exposure to patients and families in this unique and critical field of medicine was made possible because of the Foundation’s funding.  Dr Nagabushan is very much appreciative of the opportunity the Foundation has afforded him, “to enrich both his knowledge base and clinical experience in a world-class children’s Oncology Unit”.

We urge you to consider the children in a hospital near you.  Please donate, post cheques to: Kids with Cancer Foundation, PO Box 135 Westmead NSW 2145 or for credit cards: free-call any donations to 1800 255522, and we guarantee that 100% of these donations will be passed to families, or use this Donate now button or at the top of the page.

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