We were pleased to be asked to fund the 'Wondero' bone marrow transplant book that was launched in March 2015.  
The book utilises a friendly and engaging story that allows children to relate more easily, using bright colours and cute characters to maintain positivity.  
The book explains complex medical proceedures step by step, in kid-friendly language.  
We are proud to be the sponsor of this wonderful initiative of the Child Life Therapy and the Oncology ward at Westmead

The book is given out on a needs basis to children who need it and at the most appropriate time. The families keep the books.

The books are available online via the Westmead Kids Health bookshop and posted on Westmead's Child Life Therapy Ass FB page

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At the launch of 'Wondero' Kids with Cancer Foundation staff, with the hospital staff & the producers of the book.
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“Thank you for the Wondero book it really helped my son understand what was going to be happening during transplant – he loves Wondero” (parent)


'Wondero' and the Bone Marrow Transplant was created by Child Life Therapists to educate and support children through their Bone Marrow Transplant treatment. 

The book follows Wondero’s bone marrow transplant journey and explains to children (in a developmentally appropriate way) about the bone marrow transplant procedure, how a match is found, medical tests and treatment(s) before transplant, importance of taking medicine and other things to expect in hospital while in isolation. 

We believe the book, apart from empowering children with knowledge, will support children’s resilience and allow them to gain some control about what is happening in their lives. We hope that the book will help encourage children to stay positive by the use of positive messages and affirmations, maintain positive self-esteem, ask questions, express feelings and learn coping strategies to support them through transplant.

We (The Children's Hospital at Westmead) recognise The Kids with Cancer Foundation as one of the most valued Founding Partners of The Children's Hospital at Westmead. We are extremely proud and grateful for this now long standing partnership which has resulted in significant resources being directed towards the clinical and research activities of the Cancer Centre for Children. The philanthropic mission of The Foundation extends far beyond our Centre reaching out to childhood cancer units across Australia to help them meet the disparate needs of the children with cancer and their families.  

We have been the direct beneficiaries of substantial financial support from the Foundation which has increased both the breadth and depth of services we provide here in the Cancer Centre for Children. We are particularly proud of the high standard of clinical care we have been able to deliver as a result of this support. We are very grateful for the commitment and generosity of the foundation having received $6 million since 1998.

The Foundation's support has allowed us to deliver care targeted not only to the individual needs of children with cancer and their families but also more widely by providing resources to allow the Oncology Team to develop broad initiatives that provide education and support to all of our patients.

Whilst the bulk of your generosity has been directed to supporting the salaries of key clinical and selected research staff, most recently we were deeply grateful that the Foundation supported a key 'added value' opportunity - "Wondero and the Bone Marrow Transplant".

The ongoing commitment to the Cancer Centre for Children has helped ensure that we continued to not only provide the highest quality of care to every patient but to also seek and implement innovative treatment strategies. The enormity of your contribution has never and will never be underestimated.

The Kids with Cancer Foundation well understands the importance of ensuring that appropriate levels of funding are available to sustain and develop our most crucial assets - the clinical care team which delivers the complex and comprehensive cancer care services to children.

The trust, dedication and enthusiasm that we share - all focused on achieving the very best of care for young cancer patients - significantly contributes to our drive to push existing boundaries to deliver life-changing care.


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