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Lottery Results

Winning No’s Lottery No 67


The winning numbers in our 67th Lottery drawn Thursday December13th, 2018 are:

1st prize $80,000 with ticket No. 324128 from Curtin ACT. 

In addition our winner won an iPad for being on our list of Auto ticket purchasers.

We would like to thank all our supporters who participated in our recent lottery, and we wish you all good luck in future campaigns. 

Our 68th lottery drawn in April with a new 1st prize value of $100,000 is underway now,

Free Call 1800 255522 to get your tickets.

2nd to 10th prizes went to ticket No’s.

  • 112666
  • 166294
  • 315755
  • 208219
  • 185955
  • 165988
  • 187155
  • 220937
  • 68050

Past winning numbers, click here to download as pdf 


We are proud to be the largest donor to Sydney Children's Hospital's Kids Cancer Centre and a 'Founder' of The Children's Hospital at Westmead and by providing the total funding proud to become the 'Founding Patron' of the Children's Cancer Centre at Monash Children's Hospital.  

When you make a donation to any charity there is always a concern: "how much of my dollar gets through to the cause". 
Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia is a non profit organisation now with over $24.5million donated to 10 hospitals & families throughout Australia.
We do more for direct family financial assistance for children under the age of 13 than others, due to the fact that (unlike other children's cancer charities) we don't have a dollar limit per family per year.
We pay family electricity, gas, water, phone, rates, rents, mortgages, accommodation, school fees, tuition & home insurance.  We assist families to get their kids to hospital for treatment, we put tyres on cars, pay for mechanical repairs, pay car regos & insurance, we have purchased 8 second hand cars for families in country areas to get their kids to city hospitals. 
We have helped families with purchases for kids beds & bedding & other furniture items including single room air conditioners for a child who has returned home after bone marrow transplant & needs to remain inside.  We have paid airfares to fly in grandparents & other family members for single mums who need the extra help when one child is in hospital & siblings need to get to school.
We have provided grocery vouchers and vouchers for clothes and toys at Christmas time.
We assist families all over Australia to pay their funeral fees when they lose a child to cancer & can't afford the funeral expenses.  
We need a minimum of $35,000 each month just to provide financial assistance to the families.

Free Call 1800 255 522  



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