Everyday Heroes

All donations, ‘Once Only’ and ‘Regular Giving’ are greatly appreciated.

By providing the alternative regular gift to the kids you will help us ensure that we are there for the children and their families who may need our support in the future. By making a regular donation you are providing a predictable income which is invaluable to us when it comes to planning and budgeting for the services that we provide to children’s hospitals, and financial assistance to the parents. Regular giving is also a very cost effective way of donating because there is less administration involved than with one off donations, which means lower costs associated with every dollar received.

We are not associated with 'Appco Marketing', nor its suppliers/subsidiaries and never have been, never will be. Our donation plea is made directly by the charity as we don't use a marketing company to secure donations on our behalf.

Every donation of $2 or more is of course tax deductible.  A regular gift to Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia, no matter how small, is a wonderful way to show you care. Over a 12-month period this could have a major impact on the life of a young child with cancer which may become a progressive life-limiting illness and their families, friends and carers.

We urge all our supporters to help us to do more, and please consider regular giving.


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