Gene Therapy Project

In 1999 Dr. Michael Stevens as Head Oncology Unit at The Children's Hospital at Westmead requested our support for the Gene Therapy Project at the children's hospital:
This is a new and rapidly developing area of translational research - there are very few gene therapy protocols being trialed in Australia - and we hope that by developing this protocol in collaboration with the Gene Therapy Research Unit at The Sydney Children's Hospital, that we will be successful in initiating a trial at this hospital. This is a long-term and ambitious project which involves a full-time research scientist under the direction of Dr Geoffrey McCowage and Professor Peter Gunning, and has a high consumption of laboratory consumables.

We provided funds in 1999 to employ a Research Assistant (Gene Therapy) $63,000.00, Research Assistant (Unit D52 Gene Clinical) $37,500.00 and over $50,000 for project and laboratory consumables as well as work station and software. These early payments allowed Westmead to initiate the commencement of the trial.

Kids with Cancer Foundation's early support in 1999 has moved on to become: The Gene Therapy Research Unit, which is now a joint initiative of the The Children's Hospital at Westmead and Children's Medical Research Institute, and was established in recognition of this potential and the need for a research environment that combines both basic science and clinical excellence. 
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