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Donate your ponytail & join our Wigs 4 Kids campaign®

Wigs 4 Kids Campaign®

If you are cutting your hair and would like it to benefit a young child, Kids with Cancer and Ella Wigmakers can assist you, they make amazing wigs for cancer patients. You can turn your cut or shave into a wonderful fundraiser for the kids and it becomes a win-win. Your hair is recycled as a child’s wig and the donations you receive help us to help the kids and their families. Unlike all others we don’t sell your hair, you send it directly to our wigmaker that we use for kids wigs.


Through an Australian wigmaker we are able to provide our supporters with a way of donating hair to benefit kids. We do not take direct hair donations ourselves at Kids With Cancer Foundation but we had contacted many wig makers in Australia to find one that would accept a free hair donation, a ponytail or other for kids wigs, from our supporters. Many times we were directed by others to sell the hair to overseas wig makers, or to direct our supporters to other not-for-profits that in turn sell the hair to those overseas wigmakers, we wouldn’t sell your hair. We are now working in conjunction with ‘Ella Wigmakers’ on the Central Coast NSW, so our supporters can be assured their beautiful locks will be used as a hair donation Australia.

‘Ella Wigmakers’ will accept all types of hair, the hair needs to be a minimum length of 20cm clean and dry.  Before cutting use multiple pony tails (where you can) with elastic bands down the length of the pony tail, or plait each pony tail, then cut above the top elastic band and post in a plastic bag inside an addressed parcel to:

Ella Wigmakers, PO Box 9200, Wyoming NSW 2250.

Provide your details as well so that the wig makers understand it’s given for ‘Wigs 4 Kids’ Campaign®. Email us for the details required: ❤️

We understand cutting your hair and making a hair donation is a major step so please always check where your beautiful hair is going, and that it won’t be sold overseas, please read the fine print. Find our where to donate hair Australia, unlike all other charities that promote hair donations we don’t on-sell your hair donation to wigmakers in other countries.

‘Wigs 4 Kids’ Campaign® doesn’t receive free wigs in return for your donated hair as there is often 60hrs work in a wig, but we will supply wigs at no cost to kids through our ‘Wigs 4 Kids’ campaign®, via the oncology social workers in each of our children’s hospitals.