What we do

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, there is no other organisation that does, or has done what we do for the kids in our hospitals.

Over $4million in direct family assistance

We have provided over $4million in direct family assistance to those families of the youngest of children fighting their cancers: household bills, tuition, white goods, insurances, car registrations, car repairs, wheelchairs, rents & mortgages & much more including funerals. Unlike all others we don’t have a dollar limit per family per year, we don’t turn families away once they reach an imposed limit, each application for family assistance is taken on individual merit.
As children’s hospitals are in the major cities, families from outlying country regions must leave their home to be at their child’s side, but bills back home keep coming & it’s those bills & others we are able to assist with.

Capital Works

We provided the funds in 2011 to construct & fit-out the Kids Cancer Centre Research Facility, that includes the Behavoural Sciences Unit, in Sydney Children’s Hospital.


The space we provided for the Behavioural Sciences Unit looks after the KOALA (Kids Oncology and Leukaemia Trials) and the Clinical Trials Team.

KOALA – Kids Oncology and Leukaemia trials has been set up by the Kids Cancer Alliance to facilitate bringing together discoveries from across NSW. KOALA is a Clinical Trials Centre for Childhood Cancer, it functions as a central clinical trials office for paediatric oncology trials with a particular emphasis on early phase trials. KOALA is recognised as the only trials centre with expertise in the central co-ordination of early phase paediatric oncology trials in Australia.

Children’s Cancer Centre, Monash Children’s Hospital in Victoria (2006)

Construction commenced in 2005. We provided the total funds of over $1million that included the fit-out of the Monash Children’s Cancer Centre in Victoria, completed in 2006


The Center you have funded (at Monash Children’s) will provide a greater level of physical and emotional care for children with cancer and dramatically reduce the time these children need to spend at the hospital.

Founding Partner, new Monash Children’s


Oncology Ward in Sydney Children’s (2006) & John Hunter Children’s in Newcastle (2008)

We provided the total funds to renovate the Oncology Ward at Sydney Children’s, and provided funding with others for the John Hunter Children’s Hospital in Newcastle.


"Sydney Cord Blood Bank"

We provided funds in 2003 to expand Australia’s first stem cell facility & were told that “without your donation there would be no Stem Cell Facility” (Sydney Cord Blood Bank).


The Gene Therapy Research Unit

In 1999 we provided funds for a Gene Therapy research assistant at Sydney’s Westmead Children’s Hospital, & that early support progressed & became: ‘The Gene Therapy Research Unit’, which is now a joint initiative of the The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Children’s Medical Research Institute, and was established in recognition of this potential and the need for a research environment that combines both basic science and clinical excellence.


Clinician’s salaries

Since 1998 we have paid salaries for researchers, pharmacists, social workers, oncology Fellows, nurses, child Psychologist, music therapy and distance nurses, in 7 children’s hospitals throughout Australia



The Foundation became a major sponsor of the Australia and New Zealand Children’s Haematology and Oncology Group’s conferences (ANZCHOG) commencing in 2001.  These donations were used in part over four seminars to bring overseas speakers, experts in their field, to Australia to pass on their expertise. We funded social workers to The International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) as part of ANZCHOG.


In 2000 we made our first payment to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead for the ‘Long Term Survivor Clinic’. Treatment for childhood cancer is successful but the therapy for many survivors comes at a cost of long term adverse effects related to chemotherapy (such as gonadal failure, infertility, cardiac damage), radiotherapy (such as hypothalamic-pituitary damage, secondary cancers), and surgery. “The Long Term Follow Up Clinic is supported by a multidisciplinary team from many specialties including oncology, endocrinology, gynaecology, andrology, radiation oncology, nursing and psychology”.

Bear Cottage

In 2012 we asked Bear Cottage how we could help them, their request was for what was to be their first full time social worker for Bear Cottage in Sydney’s Manly, not just for cancer families but all children & their parents who attend at bear Cottage.

“By funding our first full-time Social Worker position (at Bear Cottage) Kids with Cancer Foundation will be providing invaluable assistance to families during the most difficult and heart-wrenching journey of their life”.



We funded ‘Wondero’ at Westmead Children’s. This book was created to educate children about their journey through their cancer treatments, medical procedures and time in hospital focusing on ‘Wondero’ getting a central line inserted for treatment & taking away their fears.


What else have we done?


In 2001 Kids with Cancer, in a joint effort with Redkite (Malcolm Sargent’s Cancer Fund for Children)set up an early Bereavement fund to assist Redkite to pay families funeral expenses. Redkite had become the new trading name of Malcolm Sargent. This was a joint initiative with Redkite and back in those early days provided a financial lifeline for the families who had made requests for assistance to Redkite. Kids with Cancer provided the families through Redkite with in excess of $108,000 for funeral assistance alone. As a PBI we now assist families directly ourselves, and our association with Redkite is no longer required.

Kids Cancer Project (the Oncology Children’s Foundation)

The Kids Cancer Project has no association with Kids with Cancer Foundation (Australia). We are an independent registered Australian charity with no affiliation with other organisations. The Kids Cancer Project uses our registered trading name ‘kids with cancer’ but be assured that we are totally different organisations and the things that we provide to families and children’s hospitals are not repeated by any other organisation. We of course need this clarity for our own supporters and this has been true since the scandal that happened at the Kids Cancer Project: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-08/ross-lewis-sentenced-for-stealing-from-childrens-cancer-charity/7312110 The former chief executive of the Oncology Children’s Foundation has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for stealing almost $70,000 from the charity.

Ross Lewis, 56, pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud for writing himself cheques for tens of thousands of dollars and also giving a car to his brother-in-law.

The University of Melbourne

The University received funding in 2004 from Kids with Cancer Foundation, to fund a research assistant to allow the ‘Victorian Paediatric Cancer Family Study’ to continue, and complete its valuable work.

The Children’s Cancer Institute

The Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia, between June 1999 and May 2001 received funding from Kids with Cancer Foundation, to assist with family funeral payments.

Who else? there’s nobody else!