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December 8, 2021

Care Packs 4 Kids

Are you wanting to give something to the kids in hospital this Christmas, but don’t know how to go about it?

One thing children’s hospitals don’t need at Christmas time is more soft toys, bears etc. and we’ve heard that many times as the clinics become inundated at this time of year.

Throughout the year we are put in contact with many hundreds of families each month in children’s hospitals, and if you’re thinking to provide something useful at this time ‘Kids with Cancer’ is giving each family in the oncology Clinics a Care Pack containing treats that are designed to help the families get through as they wait sometimes hours for appointments and results, and more follow up appointments.

A tax deductible donation of just $20 will assist us to provide a family with the gift of a Care Pack at the time of their visit. The Pack can have your name, your family’s name, your kid’s names or your company’s name as a gift, with a personal message that the family will receive. Of course your donation can provide multiple families with the Care Packs, at just $20 each.

Imagine: A Merry Christmas from ‘our family’ to you during this tough time, we wish you all the best, please enjoy

Care Pack donations are used solely to provide the items in the Care Packs, none of your donation is used for other Admin. expenses, 100% goes to the kids & families.

* To ensure your Care Pack makes it to the kids before Christmas, please place your order by the 17th December.