Financial Assistance for Families

Financially helping children aged 0 – 12 yrs inclusive diagnosed with a form of cancer and their families through their cancer journey

Kids with Cancer Foundation provide financial assistance to families from funds held in trust that have been donated by the public through direct donations, fundraisers and Lotteries.  Families finding themselves in financial stress because of their child’s cancer journey can apply to access our funds for help with the payment of bills via their social worker.

All the Social Workers in the Children’s Oncology Wards throughout the Children’s Hospitals Australia-wide, know what we can help with and how to access our financial assistance.

Please note :  Kids with Cancer Foundation do not deal with families directly.   Due to the delicate nature of the family’s situation, our staff are not equipped or trained to ascertain a family’s eligibility.  Applications are only accepted via the Social Workers.

How do I know if my family is eligable for financial assistance?

  • Your child is diagnosed with a form of cancer
  • Your child is between the ages of 0—12 yrs of age
  • Your child is in treatment
  • Your financial situation has been impacted
  • You used all your savings and redraw from your mortgage and have access to no further funds to pay your bills
  • Your bills are incurred “after” diagnosis

How do I apply for assistance?

  • Speak to your Social Worker about your financial situation
  • Express your concerns over what you are needing help with financially
  • Your Social Worker will write a “letter of request” to Kids with Cancer Foundation
    attaching full copies of bills (including payment details) you are needing assistance with.
  • The request is emailed to the Marketing Manager at Kids with Cancer Foundation for review
  • An email will be sent directly to the family and the Social Worker advising of the approval (payment being made, the amount and what it was for) or if it has been declined and why

What can I get help with?

  • Household Utility bills like gas, electricity, water, rates, strata fees,
  • Rent through a Real Estate Agent & mortgage payments (non-investment
  • Car registration, CTP green slip, insurance, repairs, services, tolls, roadside
  • Phone and internet
  • Child care and school fees, school uniforms and equipment
  • Contribute towards funerals
  • Whitegoods and furniture
  • Lodge Accommodation
  • Flights for direct family members only
  • Wigs
  • Feeding apparatus
Utility Bills

Do you help with wigs?

  • The answer is YES!
  • We are proudly working in conjunction with Sandra from ‘Ella Wigmakers’ on the Central Coast NSW, to provide kids with cancer with their own special wigs. With each wig costing approx. $2000 to make, we use the funds raised through our ‘Wigs 4 Kids’ campaign to cover this cost.
  • Speak to your Social Worker who will in return send us a request. Once approved, it is up to each family to then liaise with Sandra from Ella Wigmakers directly to organise a wig to be specially made to fit each individual child. Sandra will make the wig and send the invoice directly to Kids with Cancer Foundation, with no cost to the family.
    ** if you find your Social Worker has no knowledge of this campaign, please ask them to contact Linda at Kids with Cancer Foundation directly.

Frequently asked questions for Financial Assistance

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