The 100% Charity


Our funds assist doctors, nurses, researchers, families, support groups and hospitals involved in caring for kids of all ages.

Our funds may be used for something as simple as a walking frame or recliner chairs to make the kids more comfortable when they receive treatment, or in the past blood pressure monitors.

Our family financial assistance goes to families throughout Australia via requests from all the hospital’s Social Work Units. Unlike most other charities we don’t have a dollar limit per family per year, we don’t turn families away once they have received an imposed limit and say “come back in 12 months” we take each request on individual merit despite what we might have provided previously. We pay: mortgages and rents, car repairs, insurance, tutoring and all household bills and provide grocery vouchers so the families can put food on the table, sadly we also assist with funeral payments if needed.

Since 1998 we have funded research into better ways to treat children suffering now. We have provided funding to pay the salary for clinicians and researchers and our funds have been used to build or renovate children’s cancer wards and research units. No other Australian children’s charity is as diverse, nor does all the things that we do in support of the children.

Your support through donations or through fundraising will go directly to the kids, as we don’t take any Admin. fees from our donation account. All charities have costs, Aus Post, telephone, salaries etc. but none of these come from our donation account, so you can be assured once we receive your donation in our Gift Account it’s locked away from our general account and used solely for the kids.

Before you donate to us, or any charity find out where the money goes, how much of your donation will get to the kids that are suffering now.

Peter Bodman