Our Vision

A world where a child’s cancer diagnosis becomes an unremarkable event in life.

Our Mission

To improve the daily lives of Kids with Cancer and their families.

Making today easier

Imagine a world where a child’s cancer diagnosis becomes an unremarkable event in life. We are a National charity with a global vision that drives our daily work.  Together we make this happen, with 100% of your direct donations going towards supporting kids with cancer and their families. We take ownership of making today easier for those families affected, knowing that the compounding effect of small daily challenges solved well translates into impacting humanity at large.


Our key achievements

  • 2004 – 2006: Founding patron of Children’s Cancer Centre at Monash Children’s Hospital providing $1.2 million to construct and fit out the new Paediatric Oncology Unit and Ward
  • 2006: After donating over $1 million from 1998, KWCF was named ‘Founder’ of The Children’s Hospital Westmead
  • 2008: Provided $250,000 to refurbish Oncology Day Unit at John Hunter Children’s Hospital
  • 2022: Provided $1.3 million commitment over 5 years to fund a world first clinical trial into relapsed Ependymoma via The Sydney Children’s Hospital
  • 2023: Provided $1 million to fund the Kids with Cancer Foundation Cancer Genetic Risk Program at The Children’s Hospital Westmead
  • Lifetime: provided more than $6 million in direct financial support to families of kids with cancer
  • To date, KWCF is the second highest lifetime donor to the Sydney Childrens Hospital Network
  • Looking to the future we have pledged >$7 million to support clinical positions & research in Australia’s Children’s Hospitals through to FY2027

How we operate

The Kids with Cancer Foundation generates revenue via two income streams.

1. 100% of tax-deductible donations: Fundraising and bequests go directly to funding our charitable programs; direct financial assistance for families, funding clinician positions, wigs 4 kids, care packs 4 kids and funding vital cancer research.

2. Funds received through our lottery program pays for our daily operational costs with significant surplus funds from this revenue stream also contributing to our 5 charitable programs.

Our reserves policy forms an integral part of our governance and decisioning processes to ensure the long-term sustainability of our charitable purpose in compliance with ACNC obligations.