Hair Donation

Help us change a child with cancer’s life by making them feel more confident.

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Transform your haircut into hope for sick kids!

If you are cutting your hair and would like it to benefit a young child, Kids with Cancer Foundation and Ella Wigmakers can assist you. You can turn your cut or shave into a wonderful fundraiser for the kids and it’s a win-win.

Your hair is recycled as a child’s wig and the donations you send help us to support kids and their families. We don’t sell your hair. You send it directly to our wigmaker – Ella Wigmakers for a meaningful contribution.


Donate your ponytail or fundraise to join our Wigs 4 Kids™ campaign

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How to donate your hair

‘Ella Wigmakers’ will accept all types of hair. Requirements for hair donation:

  • Donated hair must be a minimum length of 20cm (~8inches).
  • Hair must be clean and dry.
  • Use multiple pony tails (where you can).
  • Tie elastic bands down the length of the pony tail or plait each pony tail then cut above the top elastic band.

Send your hair directly to the wigmaker.

  • Post your hair in a plastic bag inside an addressed parcel to:
    • Ella Wigmakers, PO Box 9200, Wyoming NSW 2250.
    • Provide your details as well so that the wig makers understand it’s given for Wigs4Kids™ Campaign.

How it Works


Commit to cutting or shaving your hair, set the date and make a positive change to do something amazing.


Your hair will be made into a wig to help a child with cancer feel more confident and special.


Share your fundraising page with your friends, family and work colleagues to keep them updated on your journey.


The money you raise will pay for a wig in its entirety and also directly help kids and their families financially.

Guidelines for Donating Hair

Whether you’re a skilled professional cutting hair for donations or an individual cutting a ponytail at home, please follow these simple steps to help make the process of donating your hair easy.

Hair donations should measure at least 20cm (~8inches) in length.

Here are some measuring tips to follow:

  • For a more accurate measurement with curly hair, pull it straight before measuring.
  • Start measuring from the start of the ponytail
  • End the measurement where the ponytail shows signs of thinning due to layers or split ends.

Hair donation Requirements

Hair Donation Australia

  • Ensure that hair donations are clean and stored/packaged when completely dry.
  • Moist or wet hair may develop mold during shipping and, unfortunately, will be discarded.
  • Create at least four sections (preferably six) by tying the hair around the head to make a more generous donation.
  • Prior to cutting, use elastic bands to tie multiple ponytails (where possible) along the length of the ponytail. Plaiting is also an acceptable.
  • Ensure that the hair is securely tied and fastened with multiple elastic bands spaced approximately 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) apart.
  • Cut the hair above the rubber band and ensure it is securely sealed.
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