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As our major prize is a ‘Winners Choice’ you get to choose a car, or car(s), boats, motorbikes, a caravan or holiday totaling $80,000 RRP.

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Become a Warrior for the kids and access even more great prizes by joining our ‘Warriors Club’. You’ll receive additional lucky tickets each month, to the value you choose, in each of the draws, and you’ll also receive free entry in our bonus draws, with the chance to win a $2,500 Coles Myer Gift Card

Choose either a luxury car, a sports car like a Mustang, a ute or even a family 4WD to the combined value of $80,000


A relaxing island getaway or explore the Australian Outback. Your holiday options are endless.


Grab your family and hit the road with your new Caravan


Love being out on the water? Choose a boat to explore our beautiful waterways


Feel the open road with your shiny new Ducati Sport Motorbike