Regular Giving

Donations we receive in this way have no Admin fees taken from them.

By giving regularly to the kids, you will help us ensure that we are there for them and their families, who may need our support in the future. By making a regular donation you are providing a predictable income which is invaluable to us when it comes to planning and budgeting for the services that we provide to children’s hospitals, and financial assistance to the families.

100% of all donations in our Gift Account are passed on to benefit the kids. Unlike some major organisations, we don’t use charity muggers (chuggers) in the streets that will take over 80% of your donation.

To be involved in our direct regular giving simply:

  • Contact donations on Freecall 1800 255 522 or email

  • Nominate the amount you wish to automatically donate

  • Nominate the frequency of donations (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • Receive a reference number for your donation, to enable you to set up a direct deposit from your bank account

At the end of the Financial Year, you will receive an annual receipt for your much-appreciated contributions. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.