Shave 4 Kids

Have you been thinking about a change for the better? Something radical? Or just a general tidy-up?

Shave 4 Kids is a great way to fundraise.

Commit to shaving your head or beard

Set the date and register now to start fundraising!!

ALL funds raised will be passed on to help families through their cancer journey. They may need to pay for a wig, mortgage payment, car registration, utility bill, food voucher or sadly, funeral expenses.

It’s is a powerful way to show your support and a brave act that will inspire your friends and family to support you.


Fundraising idea

Maybe you can incorporate your shave with a pizza and beer night and invite your mates. Ask a hairdresser, a family member or friend to do your shave. Don’t forget to take photos or even a video for TikTok.

You could do a group challenge and all get the same haircut. The more daring, the more money you’ll raise. You could tie some incentives into your fundraising. The shorter you go, the more you could raise.

Its super easy to do and a fun way to raise money for sick kids!

Make it a Shave 4 Kids Event