With your help, Kids with Cancer Foundation has provided
$27 million to childhood cancer services.

We’ve been making a difference since 1998.

In 2021 we have pledged further support to:

  • Bear Cottage Hospice, Social Work salary.
  • Monash Children’s in Victoria, Social Work salary, and Paediatric Psychologist.
  • Sydney Children’s research Trials coordinator salary.
  • Women’s & Children’s Adelaide, Oncology Fellow salary, and Bone Marrow Nurse Consultant.
  • Queensland Children’s Oncology Welfare Worker salary.
  • John Hunter Children’s in Newcastle, Oncology Fellow salary & Late Effects coordinator.

Some of Our Major Achievements


Fund a Social Worker position

Provided the warming jackets for the siblings in the cold room


Donated over $7.5M

Fund 2 x Social Worker positions

Fund a Paediatric Psychologist

SAHealth WCH_CMYK horiz vert 2

Sponsor of the Oncology Fellowship program for the last 12 years totaling over $2M


Sponsor of the Cancer Centre, with $250,000 donated


Founding Patron of “Children’s Cancer Centre” at Monash Children’s Hospital

First organisation to give over $1M to Monash Health to build the kids cancer centre

Have now donated over $2M to Monash

Fund a Social Worker position


We Provided $500,000 to Australian Stem Cell Facility/Sydney Cord Blood Bank  in 2003 to help with this construction for the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Sydney Childrens Hospital logo

Champion of Sydney Children’s Hospital – largest donor

Donated over $8.7M

Fund the Kids Cancer Centre

Fund the Sydney Cord and Marrow Transplant Unit

Fund the Kids Cancer Research Centre

Naming rights sponsor of The Behavioural Sciences Unit (BSU)

Fund the salary for the Bone Marrow Transplant Fellow