How we help hospitals

More than $24 million in hospital funding to date


Over 800 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in Australia. The funds we raise goes towards helping hospitals to improve their facilities, research, quality staff, social workers, and more.

Our Hospital funding

Improving daily lives and survival rates

The survival rate has increased significantly over the past 20 years and when all cancer types are considered, the survival rate 5 years after diagnosis is 81% for this population group.

The improved survival rates, which have occurred despite stable cancer incidence rates, are due to medical and technological advances. The goal for our hospital funding is to further assist these survival rates and improve the services for children with life threatening cancer and blood disorders. We aim to vastly enhance the ability of the day ward to treat patients efficiently and effectively.

Total funding to date, since 1998 as a Founder of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.
Funding to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick to date, since 1998.
Funding to Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide to date, since 2003.

Hospital funding over the years

A brief snapshot of our hospital contributions



First Funding

First donations to Sydney and Westmead hospitals along with first clinical Fellow funded, and first research position.


Queensland Children’s Hospital funding essential support services

CCIA Bereavement Fund Established

First Clinical Nuse Funded

Clinical Research Nurse at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Support for Mater Children’s Hospital Brisbane

Funding to Develop Home Care Program & CADD pumps.




First Aissistance to RCH Brisbane, Research  Assistant Position.

HEPA Filtration

John Hunter Children’s Hospital Newcastle.


Sydney cord blood bank refurbishment

First social work position funded

Westmead Hospital.

Support for Women’s
and Children’s Hospital

First assistance, funding a Senior Registrar position.




KWCF becomes a Benefactor and Founder of Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Cancer Study Funded

First Funding towards Paediatric Cancer Family Study – University of Melbourne.


Construct and fit-out Paediatric Day Oncology Unit, Monash Children’s Melbourne.



Refurbish Day Unit for John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle.



Research Funding

Incurable Cancer’s Research funding – Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick.

Construct and Fit-out of Research Unit Sydney Children’s Hospital

Bear Cottage

First of ongoing payments to Bear Cottage to fund a Social Worker Position.



Funded a Bone Marrow Transplant Fellow Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Behavioural Sciences Unit Assistance




Care Packs 4 Kids Program Launched

With 1,560 packs delivered to 2 Hospitals in its first year.


As at 2022, we ae proud to have provided over 24 Million in lifetime contributions to hospitals and funding research.