Care Packs 4 Kids

Make a difference and donate a $20 Care Pack to brighten up a young child’s day!!

This is a tax deductible donation, you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Our Care Packs are filled with healthy snacks, colouring activities, poppers and some tea and coffee for mum and dad. (We all know how important that is). Each pack has been carefully put together to help take little minds off exhausting rounds of treatment.

Cailey just loved receiving her Care Pack!

Donate a Care Pack and let kids like Cailey know that you are thinking them!! You can put your family name on the lid of the box with a caring message “Proudly donated by…”. This will be gifted to a family in the Children’s Oncology clinic in a Children’s Hospital.

This can also be done in lieu of a gift for a friend and let them know what you’ve done in their name. Of course it can be done anonymously. Just write your own caring message to the families and we will ensure that it goes on the Care Pack.



“We have been fortunate enough to not require any financial assistance but knowing he help is there if needed, takes the pressure off a little.  The Care Packs provided at the oncology clinic, however, are AMAZING!!  We have received many and love the variety of goods in the packs.  Keep up the good work” – Sian, Mum

“Thank you, guys, for your beautiful packs, I went into the Monash Children’s Hospital for a Lumbar puncture and Chemotherapy today and didn’t have to worry about snacks or being bored. Me and all of the other patients love your packs, especially the little kids and toddlers who are always coloring in. Just seeing the packs alone as you walk into the clinic reminds you that there are researchers out there fighting for you and people who are praying and doing their best to support you. Your love is always appreciated- keep up the generous work!” – young boy in Melbourne

“When I was handing out the care packs yesterday, I had 2 families that were very surprised to receive another care pack.  They had received one a couple of months ago and were so grateful to hear that it was a regular donation from Kids with Cancer Foundation.  I also had a mum who was overwhelmed as she was running late and didn’t have time to pack snacks, and this care pack was just what her family needed to get through their long clinic day.” – Chelsea, Women & Childrens Hospital, SA

Fundraise for Care Packs 4 Kids

You can create your own fundraising page. Share it with your family and friends to inspire them to follow your lead.

Your name will be placed on the box to let a child and their family know that you are thinking of them.

Immy & Elliot Care Packs 4 Kids