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$2,327,200 in funding since 2005

Founding Patron of the Children’s Cancer Centre at the Monash Children’s Hospital. Our initial funding began in 2004 with a $650,000 donation for the construction and fit-out of the new Pediatric Oncology Day Ward.

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“The new centre was an integral part of the Government’s new Paediatric Integrated Cancer Services, which aims to streamline treatment for young patients.  The new centre means children going through a very difficult illness will have state-of-the-art facilities and more integrated, co-ordinated care.  The Children’s Cancer Centre at Monash is now introducing innovations in the way kids are treated for cancer, for example, this is the first facility in the State to be able to anaesthetise children without having to send them to an operating theatre.” The Minister for Health Ms Pike

“Without the million dollar plus gift provided by Kids with Cancer Foundation the new purpose built day oncology facilities might never have seen the light of day.  Now treatment for Victorian children with cancer has been significantly boosted and the more than 100 parents, patients and a clearly excited group of Southern Health staff and dignitaries who attended the launch on July 25 were thrilled at the great leap forward.” Southern Health Chief Executive Linda Sorrel

“These projects represent the achievement of key milestones in my Government’s Fighting Cancer Policy and Cancer Services Framework for Victoria.  Once again thank you for your generous, ongoing support towards the well-being of children with cancer and their families”.  The Hon. Steve Bracks

Funding over the years

A timeline of our contributions to Monash Children's Hospital Vic




  • $62,386 Founding Patron of the Children’s Cancer Centre
  • $650,000 Pediatric Day Oncology Unit
  • Initial funding for the construction and fit-out of the new Pediatric Oncology Day Ward

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  • Ward Development



  • $100,284 Funding of an Oncology Social Worker
  • $10,000 Donation for new Children’s Hospital




  • $522,230 Oncology Social Worker (5 years funding)
  • $142,517 Neuropsychologist

The new Monash Children’s Hospital opens.




Funding of a Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr Anna Makary

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Continued funding of Oncology Social Worker Position



New Clinical Research Nurse – Eun Hye (Grace) Heo

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