Queensland Children’s Hospital

Queensland Children’s Hospital formally known as Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital offers the best facilities and services for high-level paediatric care in Queensland.  Our assistance to families of kids with cancer now goes through the social workers at Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Our past support of the children’s hospitals in Brisbane includes:

2001- Clinical Research Assistant.

2003- Palliative Care at a Distance Project, (major sponsor $50,000).

2004- Palliative Care at a Distance Project, (2nd year $50,000).

2008-09, Family assistance, $12,744

2009-10, Family assistance, $57,885

2010-11, Family assistance, $64,000

2011-12, Family assistance, $10,000

2012-13, Family assistance, $10,000

2013-14, Family assistance, $16,000

2014-15, Family assistance, $22,000

2015-16, Family assistance, $33,000


In 2011 we funded two social workers from RCH to attend the ‘International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) Conference’ held in Auckland New Zealand, Justine Fitzpatrick and Katie Lindeberg