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February 28, 2023

Scented Purpose

Mother & Daughter’s Fundraising story…

We are mum and daughter creatives Amanda & Emerson from Sydney who just over 5 years ago decided to soothe our creative itch and start a little business called Scented Purpose. We began with one sole, solid purpose; Kindness. We wanted to create a luxury yet affordable scented experience that inspired and reminded of the importance of being kind to yourself and in turn allowing your kindness to radiate to others. So began our home fragrance business. However we knew from the earliest days we wanted to be able to spread our kindness further by making a difference and giving back in a small way. Having donated a scented gift hamper to the Kids with Cancer Foundation Scare Cancer Ball, we were so very fortunate to come to know more about this incredible, local organisation. What stood out the most for us was knowing that even our small donation was directly going towards making a families life just a little bit easier.

So we made it a thing! We would donate a % per sale of each candle and we would share what we are doing across our socials. Being a very new, small business it was easy to think our tiny donation was possibly a drop in the ocean, but getting to catch up with the KWCF team and learn more about how our donations were making a difference always filled our hearts. Now a few years down the track I am so grateful we have the opportunity to appreciate that our little bit of kindness does go a long way and extra grateful that I get to show my girl the power of a kind heart!

Amanda & Emerson xx